Who We Are

Central Presbyterian Church: A Community Proclaiming Christ

Central Presbyterian Church is a fellowship of believers seeking to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ: sharing His Good News, holding out His grace and love, and showing forth His justice and righteousness in the world. We believe that God is sovereign over all of creation, so we live in the confidence of his promises and the trust of his care. We believe that all of life should be lived in grateful response to God's grace shown in Jesus Christ and so we strive in all things to bring glory to His name.

We are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. "Presbyterian" is a big word, but it means that we are a church led by elders (presbuteros in Greek). Elders lead and guide the church, seeking out God's will together through Scripture and prayer. Together is an important word in the presbyterian world. We believe that God speaks in community. Decisions in the Presbyterian Church are made by groups of elders, from the local church (the session), the regional body (the presbytery), and the national body (the General Assembly). Like the United States, we govern ourselves representatively. Each "higher" body is composed of representatives from the ones "below." So there is both a "bottom-up" and "top-down" component to our life together. Presbyterians have always been wary of too much power residing in one person, and believe that Scripture teaches us to organize the church in this way to restrain the sinful tendencies that any one of us might exercise if we made decisions alone. 


CPC Vision: 

Growing in Discipleship to Serve God

CPC Mission: 

Because God desires a loving, growing relationship with all people, we will provide: 

  • Meaningful worship and study of Scriptures
  • Christian Education for all ages